The Perfect Summer Bag

The Friday before Mother’s Day, Mike told me to get out of the house. He told me to go somewhere, and do something for myself. This isn’t really my thing. I don’t like doing things by myself. I was, honestly, a little offended he didn’t want to go with me, but I knew some time away just for me was a good thing. I ended up taking Lainey, and we went to Target. I did need a few things, and I really was looking forward to some girl time. I love Target, and I always end up spending too much money whenever I go.

I immediately found a few things to try on. Adorable tops, and too many shorts to choose from. I grabbed some camo jeans, and an adorable jumpsuit, and headed toward the fitting rooms. That’s when I saw the purses. I started walking towards them, eyeing all of the different styles and patterns. And there is was. The purse that I knew I was going to buy. It was white with pink and yellow flower designs. I also found it in solid brown, but it wasn’t the same. I picked it up, and put it down. Then picked it up again. I put it on my arm, and dug through the pockets. I loved it. It was perfect. But I eventually left it sitting on the shelf.

We tried on clothes, and looked at toys. All the while my mind was fixed on that wonderfully, perfect purse. I texted a picture to Mike, and to my best friend Callie. Neither of them loved it the way I did. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I ended up buying it. And the jumpsuit. And I have no regrets. I love it. It has cute little handles, but also comes with a strap you can add to make it a cross body. The pattern is funky, and that’s probably my favorite part. I was a little concerned about it being mostly white, but the material can be easily wiped clean if I do happen to get anything on it. It has a lot of room inside, but it isn’t too big or bulky. It’s super lightweight, but big enough for a book. You know, just in case. It’s the perfect summer purse. And it’s only $40.

Lainey ended up getting an L.O.L Surprise, and we got Noah a Lego Blind Bag. We sipped on Starbucks, and we talked. Lainey said some hilarious things. And I’m so glad that we went. It was such a nice treat to get out of the house for a little bit. Days like this are rare, and so special.

At any given moment you can look inside my purse and find:
*my wallet (also from target)
*a pen or two
*extra contacts, and eye drops
*fingernail clippers
*an old movie stub

What are the things that are absolutely always in your bag?

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