Chubby toddler hands, interlocked in mine.TV noise in the background.Lounging on the couch; soaking it all in.Drawing, and playing.My heart is so full.Overwhelmed with gratitude.These are the moments I want to remember.When I’m old and grey, let days like today be on repeat in my mind.  

Living Room

The pictures of us hang on the walls, just like the memories that occupy my mind.A reminder to create, because I so often forget.This couch has held much more than our bodies, and it shows.It will remember us long after we’ve gone.As the screen plays clips of fairytales, real life stretches out before me.Far better… Continue reading Living Room

My Favorite Hacks for Counting Macros!

The question I get asked most often about macros is, "How do you hit your numbers?"  Most of the time, I'm being asked by people who have tried counting macros but struggled hitting one of the targets.  Too much fat, not enough protein.  Not enough carbs.  How do you hit all of your numbers every… Continue reading My Favorite Hacks for Counting Macros!

Take a Stand

We are at war among ourselves.The streets are brimming with hatred.Another senseless crime.A tragedy fueled by intolerance.  As I sit in my grief, I wonder.When will it end?I mourn those lost to a meaningless prejudice.  I hug my kids a little bit tighter tonight.I kiss my husband a little bit longer.If we want a brighter… Continue reading Take a Stand

The House That Built Me

Mornings spent eating breakfast at the table.Afternoons spent napping on the couch.Summers spent running through the yard and climbing the trees.Hours of laughter. Knowing I was loved every step of the way.Days spent playing dolls.Thousands of gallons of water used to fill up the bathtub.Years spent talking and dreaming and pretending.A childhood of memories hidden… Continue reading The House That Built Me