Chubby toddler hands, interlocked in mine.TV noise in the background.Lounging on the couch; soaking it all in.Drawing, and playing.My heart is so full.Overwhelmed with gratitude.These are the moments I want to remember.When I’m old and grey, let days like today be on repeat in my mind.  

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear used to be that I would forget you.That time would turn my mind against you.But lately, I find myself trying to move on.Maybe I never loved you at all.I loved the comfort that you brought; stability.My biggest fear used to be that I would have to leave you.And now that I’m gone,… Continue reading My Biggest Fear

The House That Built Me

Mornings spent eating breakfast at the table.Afternoons spent napping on the couch.Summers spent running through the yard and climbing the trees.Hours of laughter. Knowing I was loved every step of the way.Days spent playing dolls.Thousands of gallons of water used to fill up the bathtub.Years spent talking and dreaming and pretending.A childhood of memories hidden… Continue reading The House That Built Me